Nov / Dec 2017

December’s Meeting 12-2
Summit Conference Center
411 Sable Blvd, Aurora

Katie Fowler is a professional educator/ artist, author, speaker, and certified creativity coach. She lives with her husband in a recently empty nest near the foothills of Colorado. When she’s not being creative, talking about creativity, or writing about creativity, she enjoys cycling, snow skiing, reading, and laughing!

She is an art quilter. That’s a dangerous thing to say in the art world. People often respond, “Oh, my Great Aunt Whozee made quilts.” Her pieces are not bed coverings. They are personal and meaningful expressions of who she is and her interpretation of the world around her. Katie says, “I love to bend the rules of traditional quilting and create with courage.” Join her in a meaningful and lighthearted look at the innovative process, creative blocks and effective tools for mastering creative momentum. Audience members will leave feeling validated, courageous and ready to follow the white rabbit to creative adventure.

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