Fall Retreat

Fall Retreat 2017
October 6, 7, & 8, 2017

Fall Retreat Flyer & Registration 2017

Kathy J. Gaul for Meetinghouse Hill Designs, LLC

“Stitching Stories of Love in Fabric and Thread”

Kathy grew up on the east coast, amongst a family of Italians and French-Canadians.  That meant family was most important, well, family, and food!  Saturdays were spent visiting her Grand Mémère and favorite Uncle Nessy, drinking cups and cups of tea, and sharing meals with multiple generations of aunts, uncles and cousins who also came to visit, eating such foods as “tortiere” meat pie, French crepes and franks and beans, while gathered around an antique table she now owns.  On Sundays, afternoons were spent at her Grammy and Grampy’s, with again more aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of times, folks who were called “aunts” and “uncles” but really weren’t related!  There were always loud discussions and gesticulations around this table, usually overflowing with bowls filled with sauce and “homemades”, raviolis and meatballs.  Homemade Italian cookies and coffee always followed the huge meal, and provided lots more time for sharing life together.  Kathy’s nuclear family consisted of her mom and dad and two brothers.  Through the hardship of a long illness for one brother came the necessity-turned grace-filled opportunity to spend time with her beloved “Auntie Von” who taught Kathy to sew, embroider, bake and garden, launching her pursuit of greater experiences with textiles, a degree in the field and eventually the birth of her wool applique pattern company, Meetinghouse Hill Designs

From the depths of her memories Kathy draws inspiration for many of her designs, reflecting on past experiences with these whom she loves and recalls fondly. 

You will soon discover that this “chatty Kathy” is an extension of her family!  She is passionate about her art and delights in sharing stories about the the people and places that inspire it.  Sit back and enjoy as Kathy takes you on a journey of discovering a path for her life, sharing her love of family, textiles and bringing people together through this art.  Listen, as she stitches together stories of love in fabric and thread.


Kathy J. Gaul for Meetinghouse Hill Designs, LLC

Meetinghouse Hill Designs, LLC is a Colorado based wool appliqué art pattern company.  Kathy J. (Lanciani) Gaul is the owner/designer and creates all the artwork and patterns herself.  Kathy’s husband, Jerry, handles much of the business side of her company.  Kathy has been designing, stitching, publishing and marketing her line of patterns since April 2009.  Meetinghouse Hill Designs offers over 50 unique patterns for wool appliqué. The company also produces a small line of rug hooking canvases.

Meetinghouse Hill Designs’ wool appliqué patterns focus on the same types of fabrics and techniques used in the historical “penny rugs” of the 1800’s, namely the use of felted wool fabrics and embroidery stitches such as the blanket stitch, back stitch and French knots.  The styling of Kathy’s designs is intended to evoke an appreciation and love for handwork through her great attention to stitching detail and her realism created through dimensional manipulation of the wool and the use of hand-dyed threads.  She takes pride in her company tag line, “Wool Applique Art Designed for Distinction,” striving to make her art and patterns stand out amongst the many offerings available to customers today.  Meetinghouse Hill Designs has been vending at quilt shows and hook-ins across the country since 2010 including consecutive appearances for four years at the American Quilter’s Society (AQS) Quilt Show in Paducah, KY.  This year will be the 5th appearance vending at the Vermont Quilt Festival (VQF) in Essex Junction, Vermont.  Last year, Meetinghouse Hill Designs won “viewer’s choice” for “best decorated booth” celebrating VQF’s 40th Anniversary.  Meetinghouse Hill Designs also premiered in 2016 at Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week, as both vendor and teacher, at this historic 20th anniversary event for rug hookers and wool enthusiasts. 

Kathy was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts, which is famous as the birthplace of both Johnny Appleseed, and “Featherstone” the pink flamingo lawn ornament!  Many of her designs reflect a “New England” flavor because of the people, places and experiences she fondly recalls when seeking the inspiration for a new design.  She was encouraged to engage in crafts and sewing from an early age, learning to sew her first doll clothes from her beloved Auntie Von.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in textiles and clothing and graduated as Valedictorian from California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, CA, then spent ten years restoring antique quilts before launching Meetinghouse Hill Designs

Kathy recently self-published a new little book, “Wool Applique Essentials – Tools and Techniques for Success” designed to be a complement to her patterns, and a handy resource for all wool stitchers.  Her newly released line of pattern “books” (8 in total released in 2016) are professionally printed 8.5” x 11” soft-cover books that incorporate between 25-80 color procedural photographs (depending on the complexity of the design), as well as her signature detailed written instructions, full scale pattern layouts and individually drawn pattern pieces, stitching diagrams and general information about working with felted wool.  And most dear to her heart, on the back cover of each book Kathy shares her “story of love” that inspired each design.  

Kathy has been published in Rug Hooking Magazine – “Beyond Our Borders” section and in the National Quilting Association’s The Quilting QuarterlyMeetinghouse Hill Designs was a nominee for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards in 2013 and 2014.  The Colorado Springs’ Gazette featured a story on her in spring of 2014 highlighting the detail in her appliqué artwork.  She is a national teacher, focusing on individual attention to students.  She has taught at various shops and quilt guilds across the country, including the New England states, California, the Midwest and in several locations across Colorado.  In 2015 she premiered as a teacher at the Vermont Quilt Festival and taught there again in 2016; she is excited to be returning this year as a full-time instructor with all new classes.  In conjunction with her teaching, she has spoken publicly, entertaining with a delightful program, “Stitching Stories of Love in Fabric and Thread”, where she shares her heart and love for textiles and bringing people together through the arts.  She has also presented demonstrations on dimensional wool appliqué at AQS in Phoenix, AZ, Colorado Quilt Council’s (CQC) “Quilt Colorado” in Longmont, CO, and at the Denver Hook-In in Denver, CO.  Kathy and Jerry live in Colorado Springs with their beloved fur-ball, Fluffernutter, a Maine-coon mix cat.

Please visit the website: www.meetinghousehilldesigns.com to view and order from the full line of patterns and kits, and to read the stories of inspiration behind Kathy’s artwork.  Please contact her through email at: kathy@meetinghousehilldesigns.com or by telephone at: (719) 282-3518. 

2017 Wool Appliqué Class with Kathy J. Gaul of Meetinghouse Hill Designs

Class Title: “a-MAIZE-ing il-LUMINA-tion” – Dimensional Wool Applique

Dimensions: 12” x 12” pillow or framed art

Skill Level:  All levels; hand stitching project

Kit Fee: $90.93 ($84 + $6.93 tax) – Pattern, felted wools (off-the-bolt and hand-dyed), hand-dyed cotton threads including specialty threads for Indian corn kernels, freezer paper & pillow backing fabric

Students to select Indian corn kernel color (prior to Retreat): Red or Yellow

Teacher Contact: kathy@meetinghousehilldesigns.com or 719-282-3518

Inspiration:  Searching for the “perfect” combination of pumpkins in their wide range of colors is something I take very seriously each autumn!  If you love this season as I do, and you love “all things wool” then you will really enjoy this dimensional wool appliqué project. Never tried wool?  Then this is a great project to introduce you to this art, and make a “wooley” out of you!

Project Highlights: Students will stitch on every part of this project.  They will learn all the steps and processes for doing wool appliqué including proper pattern and fabric preparation, the tricks of Blanket Stitching “flat to a table” (and with no fusible), creating a dimensional leaf, to the best part of this design – creating realistic Indian corn with the simple technique of working an elongated French knot, using amazing hand-dyed pearl cotton threads to create it! Illuminate your love of wool, and pumpkins, with this “a-maize-ing” project!  

Other Necessities (student to supply):

  • Pencil (mechanical)
  • Scissors to cut paper
  • Sharp pointed scissors to cut fabric (serrated-edged helpful, but not required)
  • Straight pins (appliqué)
  • Sizes 24 chenille needle
  • Size 18 chenille needles (2)
  • White only, “Chaco-liner” chalk marker
  • Clear quilter’s ruler – such as 3” x 18” or 6” x 24” (NOT required but helpful)


Teacher will have the following for sale at class:  serrated-edged scissors, appliqué pins, size 24 & size 18 chenille needles and white chaco-liner markers.

 a-MAIZE-ing il-LUMINA-tion is one of over 50 wool appliqué patterns offered by our company and available at our website:  www.meetinghousehilldesigns.com.

2017 Wool Class with Kathy J. Gaul of Meetinghouse Hill Designs

Class Title: “Winter’s Woodland Gifts” – Dimensional Wool Art

Dimensions: 16” x 20” wall hanging

Skill Level:  All levels; a “NO-SEW” project

Kit Fee: $75.78 ($70 + $5.78 tax) – Pattern (features 30 procedural color photos), felted wools, cotton batting, brown floral tape, wires (paper-coated, natural-coated & uncoated), jute string, rusty bow and bells.

Teacher Contact: kathy@meetinghousehilldesigns.com or 719-282-3518

Inspiration:  There is no sewing involved in crafting this spray, to bring winter color and interest indoors for the whole season! It’s all made with just fabric, wires and glue! 

Project Highlights:  Pre-torn strips of felted wool are “fringed”, then wrapped and glued around wires to create 3 different evergreen boughs (pine, fir and spruce).  Pine cones are also crafted with fringed wool, wrapped around a cotton batting core.  And 50 individual narrow strips of wool are knotted and transformed into a branch of winterberries.  Create a branch of rusty bells then add the rusty bow to complete the wall hanging. 


Other Necessities (student to supply):

  • Long-bladed (8”) scissors to cut fabric (serrated-edged preferred, but not required)
  • Ruler (18”-24” recommended)
  • Black fine point marker
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Pins (just a few)


Teacher will have the following for sale at class:  serrated-edged scissors